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Life is like an exercise. The harder it is, the stronger you became.

Fitness Lounge established in the year 2015 in Abdullah khan estate Kurnool. Fitness Lounge is one of the leading health and fitness centers in Kurnool. We have been giving quality fitness arrangements at exceptionally moderate rates. We are one of the primary fitness clubs in Kurnool to present Cross fit preparing. Our exercise center is furnished with world-class wellness hardware which are the most exact ones regarding points and measurements, and which forestalls wounds that may happen amid an exercise.

Our goals always result oriented, our professional groups of trainers are always at your service to assist you. Our specially trained trainers can give you the most updated guidance for a workout. We do a regular checkup of your BMI so that, you would be updated about your own progress. Based on your body type, we suggest you choose that type of workout which suits you the best. We are proud to say that, within a short period of time, we are able to win the trust of our clients, who have been seeing an amazing transformation in their bodies.

We work with people of any age with fluctuating needs and wellness levels. Regardless of whether youthful or old, amateur or propelled, we can enable you to achieve your objectives. We endeavor to give a prevalent wellness Lounge at a moderate cost. We plan to impact a huge number of lives by giving the methods and inspiration to accomplishing a fit body and a more beneficial way of life for the majority who dependably suspected that Fitness was Expensive.



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Certified Trainer and Nutritinor.

Mr. Mateen Ahmed is a Proprietor of Fitness Lounge Kurnool. He got many achievements in fitness. His main aim is for friends and employees to create a wellness and fitness-inspired environment around him.


Fitness Lounge cares for your health and wellness providing you a great alternative to other establishments. Our central goal is to bring you new, sound, supplement rich nourishment and refreshments at moderate costs. We use tasty, natural ingredients and super-foods packed with nutrients and vitamins to benefit your mind and body. It's ideal for a detox juice and a sound breakfast before you prepare or a delicious lunch post-exercise. Refuel with our top-notch whey protein shakes.

Fitness Lounge offers healthy meals and snacks carefully designed by nutritionists and chefs. We are providing delicious, healthy, & fresh food is key to becoming physically fit. Fitness Lounge will help you eat better and perform better in your daily life.

Experience the very best in healthy eating at fitness lounge for Fitness. Breakfast sandwiches and wraps handcrafted and a wide assortment of sandwiches, new servings of mixed greens the best wellness shakes and smoothies are among the numerous heavenly determinations at Fitness Lounge Kurnool.

Regardless of whether you are recouping after an exercise or supplementing one, or even maybe searching for a snappy feast, we have an answer for you. Our Cafeteria is on the cutting edge of healthy eating. We use all natural ingredients and everything is prepared fresh in our kitchen.

After your workout take a relaxing and nutritious break at the Fitness Lounge Cafe. What you put in your body influences your execution throughout the day, and the Fitness Cafe serves sustenance that tastes as awesome as it influences you to feel.

All formulas incorporate the freshest fixings. From soups and plates of mixed greens to nutritious sandwiches, we have exactly what you are ravenous for! Make a trip for an invigorating smoothie after your exercise, and unwind and loosen up.

Protein Details

The protein found in sustenances is utilized by all aspects of the body to create, develop and work legitimately. It can be contended that nothing is more imperative than expending protein sustenances, and on the grounds that proteins are engaged with pretty much everyone work, it's critical that you devour nourishments high in protein consistently, amid each dinner to counteract protein insufficiency, which can wreak destruction on the body.

Studies demonstrate that eating a high-protein eating regimen has various medical advantages. The advantages of protein in your eating regimen enable you to keep up and get thinner, as well as attempts to balance out your glucose levels, enhance your capacity to learn and focus, diminish mind haze, help your vitality levels, bolster your muscles and bones and bolster the retention of essential supplements.

Numerous individuals wrongly try eats less that include calorie tallying and hardship. On a high-protein eat less, you will feel completely fulfilled in the wake of eating, and you won't have to deal with the glucose highs and lows that incite desires and touchiness. You'll be astounded to perceive what numbers of nourishments you can eat on a high-protein eat less. In reality, even people on a veggie darling or vegan eat less, who a portion of the time swing to arranged sustenance's for essentialness, have enough high-protein sustenances to peruse. We need to eat a ton of protein sustenances reliably to keep our assimilation frameworks running, our essentialness up and our glucose levels stable.

Wellbeing cognizant people of every kind appreciate normal whey protein as a day by day, high‚ quality wellspring of common protein and a characteristic vitality supplement. Characteristic protein supplements give basic protein that isn't just simple to take but at the same time is a very effective approach to get regular protein. Because if youre like most people, youre probably busy and know that its not always so easy to get everything you need from your diet.

Benefits of Proteins

Natural protein powder tastes great. Most normal protein powder supplements come in flavors like chocolate and vanilla. You can make the most of their common flavor by blending with water or you can toss in a blender and add your most loved new natural product to taste. Look at the Energy First Smoothie Recipes for some incredible smoothie and shake thoughts!

Natural protein supplements are extraordinary in a hurry. The best normal protein is additionally the most straightforward to take and make, which implies will probably get it into your day by day schedule. It's just around two minutes to blend with water or five on the off chance that you make a smoothie. The option for occupied individuals is normally quick grab go sustenance's that don't keep you on a healthy digestion eat less. What for the most part happens when we're in a surge is that we'll get the carbs and avoid the protein and wind up in a sugar surge took after by a sugar crash and no vitality. Our digestion backs off and we store whatever we get as emergency save fat.

Natural protein supplements are lean, low cal protein. Despite the fact that whey is a dairy by item, as specified over, the sugar (lactose), fat and cholesterol is isolated out, leaving just the unadulterated amino acids (every one of the 8 basic amino acids and branched chain amino acids) for the whey protein supplements.

Kids love common protein powder shakes and smoothies. Who wouldn't preferably have a chocolate strawberry smoothie for breakfast than eggs? Furthermore, vanilla banana shake rather than angle for supper? Easy decision, particularly when guardians know their children are getting what they require.

Whey protein supplements change up your eating routine. Proceed; ruin the child in you, in light of the fact that adults merit a treat rather than meat now and again as well.

Natural protein supplements are awesome for voyaging. Simple to pack, simple to convey, simple to make, protein powder is ideal for travels, work excursions and get-away. A large portion of us eat ineffectively when we travel and something as basic as a snappy protein powder shake with a dinner can have a major effect in your vitality level, your capacity to ward off those awful germs skimming around the plane, and your all imperative mental aptitude.

Natural vitality supplement drinks are incredible as a midnight nibble. Swelling treats, chips or cuts of sandwich meat as opposed to tossing powder in water and mixing for a scrumptious, solid shake? A choice you can make in your rest.

The best characteristic protein is additionally the best treat substitute. Next time you need to go after a bowl of ice cream or root lager drift attempt a sweet tooth fulfilling, low calorie, low fat chocolate-strawberry protein shake.

Natural protein balances out glucose. Working with natural carbs and solid oils in your eating regimen, protein enables your cells to utilize glucose in an unfaltering stream rather than a sugar surge. In this consistent express, your body doesn't have to go into crisis mode and store everything as fat. Rather, it can consume fat for fuel.

Natural vitality supplements are extraordinary for weight reduction. Since the protein balances out your digestion with a relentless stream of glucose rather than a sugar surge and sugar crash, your cells feel "fulfilled" and there's no requirement for them to swarm nourishment in fat cells. Rather, they are allowed to consume fat for fuel and you eat less on the grounds that you don't feel hungry.

Natural whey protein increments glutathione levels in blood and liver. Glutathione is the body's most ground-breaking cancer prevention agent and assumes a key part in invulnerable capacity. At the point when liver glutathione levels rise, the liver can all the more viably detoxify the body.

Whey protein disconnect is made out of a similar fundamental proteins that are found in human bosom drain. Furthermore, that is about at least somewhat sound. Characteristic whey protein likewise has a similar reaction profile as human bosom drain, which is additionally about at least somewhat great.

Gym Shoes & T-shirts

Fitness Lounge providing gym shoes & t-shirts for the clients. We have wide range of shoes & t-shirts as per their sizes. This will make you feel comfort when youre doing workouts. You can find different types of gym appearance at fitness lounge only no need to search for gym shoes & t-shirts.

Main aim to go gyms are you need to enhance your fitness, state of mind and look. Yet, what might that abs be without a perfect appearance. In this way, here fitness lounge displaying some extremely cool and fundamental items that will influence you to look in the same class as you feel. Stack them in your duffel bag and we guarantee that you could never at any point worry about oily hair and personal stench again. In addition, you should regard your kindred comrades at the gym center. The main thing that each one of us would incline toward is to guard your skin against tingles and pieces.

Heading off to the gym center in gym T-shirts will be superior to anything wearing some other favor T-shirt. These will keep you comfortable and object free. Match your tees with cotton shorts and avoid sweat-soaked legs and armpits. Other than a face towel, a water bottle, a deo shower and glucose; you likewise require the best gym shoes for men. Keep yourself dynamic and restored with Nike gym shoes for men. These will keep your feet sans sweat and would likewise loan you ultra-comfort while you keep caught up with strolling on the treading factory and doing those pushups.

Rigging up for any level of exercise with our scope of men's gym T-shirts and games tops. Our running tops and T-shirts are a la mode and sturdy, ideal for short blasts of activity and also hard instructional courses at the Fitness Lounge. With short sleeve styles and additionally long sleeve gym tops, you'll discover a games T-shirt perfect for your preparation customized.

Fitness Lounge giving best shoes to your exercises, these will keep you closer to the ground and give me greater dependability, which makes both of those issues way more outlandish. Special reward: I'm ready to warm up with a mile keep running on the treadmill in advance, and these hold up to the undertaking, dissimilar to other specific lifting shoes, which would feel completely awful.


What our clients say about us

My name is Pooja, I was a huge emotional eater. I would eat when I was stressed, happy, sad matter. I felt humiliated attempting on garments when I'd need to subtly request that the businesswoman present to me a bigger size. I felt depleted from the existence that I was driving, and I realized that on the off chance that I didn't roll out an improvement soon, my weight would proceed to swell and my wellbeing would endure. So I decided to join gym my friend suggested me fitness lounge. I am proud to say that fitness lounge helped me to reduce 15 kg of weight in 6 months. I changed my lifestyle by forming great habits and going regular to fitness lounge. The trainers are very friendly and helped me a lot to reduce in weight.

My name is suhel, overweight and unhealthy from a young age, my confidence and quality of life were severely affected. I understood that I couldn't carry on with as long as I can remember not realizing what it feels like to be genuinely glad for my body; something needed to change. Despite the fact that I was greatly threatened by exercise centers, working out appeared like a strong place to begin. I constrained myself to visit the best exercise center close to my home then I participate in Fitness Lounge. They have a cafeteria with protein sustenance and drain shakes. With the support and direction of the absolute most astonishing wellness experts at Fitness Lounge, I have lost about 36 kgs.

My name is Pavan I have been obese during all my teenage years. I was profoundly required into my scholastics and didn't participate in any physical movement whatsoever at all. Also I was having lots of junk food. I took it up as a challenge and join in Fitness Lounge. I get amazing results in fitness lounge they helped me to reduce weight and stay healthy. I lost 10 kilos weight by joining in Fitness Lounge. Thank you so much fitness lounge.

My name is Afira Mariyam, My father was from an army background. He wanted me to always stay fit and at least engage myself in some kind of sports activities. During my B.Com, I lost my father in an accident on his official trip. I was very much depressed in that phase and gained a lot weight. Though I was getting success in my educational life but was always depressed as I was missing my father all the time, which ended up gaining more weight. Stress is one of the major factors that can lead to weight gain. Then I decided I have to lose my weight, and then I join Fitness Lounge. Trainers are very help me in workouts and I enjoyed aerobics classes. They are providing diet plan for each day it will help to have correct diet. By doing daily workouts and diet I reduce 12 kilos.


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